Your success is my business!
I have a passion for marketing, communications, and helping others define and achieve their goals. My experience spans both small and large businesses, from start-ups to multinational organizations. My consultancy is focused is on small, start-up and scaling businesses.

Marketing is my third and most fulfilling career. First, I obtained an Honours degree in Physics and trained as an experimentalist; supervising university laboratories, building apparatus, conducting experiments. I also spent time in retail management, which was my first true foray into putting my customer first.

At 3M Canada, I wore many hats including Customer Service, Product Marketing and Marketing Communications. During my 13-year tenure, I also completed a Professional Certificate in Marketing from Western University in London Ontario.

My unconventional background serves me very well. I’m creative, open-minded, detail-oriented, and excellent at communicating with all sorts of people, from CEOs to grade school children. When facing a challenge, I have both an analytical mind and a creative flair to draw upon.

Q. Who are you speaking to in your blog? Who is your audience?

A. In many cases, I’m talking to my younger self. I’m addressing questions that I had as a new marketer with no formal training (before I got my Professional Certificate in Marketing). I’m also sharing experiences that others might find encouraging, educational, thought-provoking, or funny.

So, let’s say my intended audience includes: new marketers, owners of small and scaling-up businesses, those looking for a laugh once in a while, people who believe in common sense, anyone who has interesting experiences to share with everyone, and YOU of course!

Q. Does your blog have a theme?

A. My blog, Shifting Sand, is a marketing diary of sorts. You’ll find a ‘kitchen sink’ mix of topics…advice, humour, critiques, mental health, leadership, and dealing with change, all based on my experience and observations.

Q. Why did you choose “Rolling Sands Consulting” as your company name?

A. I grew up in a small town on the shores of Georgian Bay. The name of the town is an indigenous word/phrase that means something along the lines of “Land of the white rolling sands”. “Rolling Sands Consulting” connects me to my roots and feels like Home. Welcome to my little slice of Home!

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