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Q. How do I get started with social media?

A. You might think that everyone MUST be on social media by now. Not true! Social marketing is one of the most common topics that pops up when I speak to people about marketing. Many businesses don’t know how to begin, or they have accounts but are not using them effectively. For some insight, see these blog posts:

Every business is unique. If you want to talk specifics, please contact me to set up a time to chat.

Q. What is the difference between copy editing and proofreading?

A. Although these two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they are actually two very different steps in the content creation process. Here are the differences as nicely outlined by The Expert Editor website (www.experteditor.com.au):

Copy editing
  • An important part of the revision process; the article or manuscript has not been finalised.
  • A proactive editor makes changes or suggestions that will improve the overall quality of the copy.
  • An editor improves use of language and corrects inconsistencies; ensures clarity
  • For example:
    • Consistent use of active vs. passive voice
    • Appropriate tone for intended audience
    • Make language more concise; remove extra, unnecessary words
  • More intensive than proofreading.
  • A final check of the finished article or manuscript just before publication.
  • Layout and design have been completed.
  • Proofreading perfects good writing.
  • It catches typographical inconsistencies and errors:
    • Removes spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors; “typos”
    • Ensures consistency in language and formatting
  • Less intensive than and not a substitute for editing.
Q. How much do your services cost?

A. The cost of service varies depending on the included elements and scope of the project. However, I guarantee the following:

  • The initial 30-minute consultation is always FREE. I’m always happy to chat with you about a project! This gives us both a chance to see if my services suit your needs and if we will work well together.
  • Once the nature and scope of the project are defined, they will be written into a contract signed by both the client and Rolling Sands Consulting. Rates (hourly and/or by Program) will be written into the contract.
  • The total cost for a Program will include all the items listed in the most up-to-date description at the time the contract is signed by the client.
  • Services rendered on an hourly basis will be itemized on your invoice. The hourly rates will be as stated in the contract and subject to all the terms of the contract.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice but pricing in your contract will be honoured until the contract expires or gets renewed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Changes to the project scope, deliverables, etc. made after the contract is signed can change the total cost of services.

Q. What are the Rolling Sands Consulting payment terms?

A. Payment terms vary depending on the pricing structure for the services rendered.

  • Hourly and Editorial Fees:
    • Fees charged by the hour are invoiced on a weekly basis and the due date is Net 30 days from the Invoice Date.
    • Rolling Sands Consulting may require a monthly retainer fee for contracts that are open and do not have a specific end date.
  • Program Fees:
    • Case # 1: Payments for Programs where the Start Date is MORE than three (3) weeks (21+ days) into the future.
      • A non-refundable $500 CAD deposit is due on the same day that consulting contract is signed by the client.
      • Half of the remaining fee is due on the Program’s Start Date.
      • The balance is due the day following the Program’s End Date.
    • Case # 2: Payments for Programs where the Start Date is LESS than three (3) weeks (1 – 20 days) into the future.
      • Payment of half (1/2) the full Program Fee is due on the same day that consulting contract is signed by the client.
      • The balance, half (1/2) the full Program Fee, is due the day following the Program’s End Date.
Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

Rolling Sands Consulting accepts payment via email Intrerac® transfer from your bank.

Q. Do you also offer your services in French? | Offrez-vous vos services en français aussi?

A. Yes, I am bilingual and can offer most services in both English and French.

Please Note: I can both write and edit drafts of marketing verbiage in French quite well. However, I have not been formally trained as a translator. It is always best to have a professional translator proofread your French marketing collateral before publication.

R. Oui, je suis bilingue et je peux offrir la plupart de mes services en anglais et en français.

Veuillez noter : Je peux à la fois rédiger et éditer des brouillons de verbiage marketing en français très bien. Cependant, je n’ai pas été formée en tant que traducteur. Il est toujours préférable de faire relire vos documents marketing en français par un traducteur professionnel avant la publication.

Q. Who are you speaking to in your blog? Who is your intended audience?

A. In many cases, I’m talking to my younger self. I’m addressing a lot of the questions that I had as a newbie marketer. I’m sharing experiences that others might find encouraging, educational, thought-provoking, or funny.

So, let’s say my intended audience includes: new marketers, owners of small and scaling-up businesses, those looking for a laugh once in a while, people who believe in common sense, and now YOU!

Q. Why did you choose “Rolling Sands Consulting” as your company name?

A. I grew up in a small town on the shores of Georgian Bay. The name of the town is an indigenous word/phrase that means something along the lines of “Land of the white rolling sands”. “Rolling Sands Consulting” connects me to my roots and feels like Home. Welcome to my little slice of Home!

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