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My approach starts & ends with YOU.
I have a passion for marketing, communications, and helping others define and achieve their goals. My experience spans both small and large businesses, from start-ups to multinational organizations.
Your success is my business!

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Featured Program
Build Your Brand: Step UP & Stand OUT!

Reputation is everything and your brand is how to you showcase it.

This program for small and scaling business owners guides you through the entire process of branding your business. Your takeaway is a new perspective on your business and your very own, official Brand Style Guide.

A Brand Style Guide is by far the best tool for communicating the who | what | why | when | where | how of your business consistently. It’s useful for both internal and external communications. This program also includes my help to make sure the first three pieces of content you choose to create or revamp using your new Guide are on point. Let’s build your brand!

Coming Soon!

Audit Your Content for Relevance : In this program, I will guide you through an audit of your marketing content. We will define and refine your target audiences and map your customers’ path to purchase. This will be a great follow up program to Build Your Brand – Step UP & Stand OUT! More details to come!

Bringing Your Brand To Life : The first step to truly bring a brand to life is getting buy-in from your internal stakeholders. More details to come!

Other Services

Personalized Consulting Services

If the programs and services above aren’t quite what what you are looking for, I’m happy to talk about personalized services and/or developing a full program just for you and your team!

Editorial Services

Not sure if you need an editor and proofreader for your marketing collateral? My experience tells me that we always need someone to read the copy and check your text and images for errors before publication! It doesn’t need to be a professional, but, ideally the reviewer is someone one step removed from the project, someone with fresh eyes.

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