World Water Day 2021: Where there is no water…

Change is unsettling and disruptive. It’s instinctive to be wary of change. However, there are many situations in business and in life where it’s absolutely necessary for our safety, security, prosperity, health, and sanity.

To succeed, we need to be authentic, consider other people’s point of view, value the wellbeing of others and our own, and often go against the grain. The (dreaded) “we’ve always done it this way” argument…

  1. Is false (or we’d still be living in caves!), and 
  2. Assumes that there is never room for improvement, it’s perfect as is

Innovation and evolution are required for personal, professional, and community growth. Being Agile—committing to continuous improvement—makes all the difference. Perfection does not exist. Excellence does!

Today is World Water Day. Let’s look for ways to protect and conserve this finite and indispensable resource:

After all, where there is no water, there is:

  • No health.
  • No prosperity.
  • No business.
  • No life.

© 2021 Tracey Copeland, Rolling Sands Consulting.

Published by tracey copeland

Marketer, Creator, Coach | Brand Communications | Strategic Planning | Talented Leader of Diverse, Cross-functional Teams ― Tracey is an award-winning marketing and communications specialist with a passion for helping others define and reach their goals.

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