Why Do the Words Matter?

As a marketing and communications professional, I have always considered wordsmithing to be an essential part of my writing process. I could refer to it as “editing” but, to me, the term wordsmithing speaks to a more creative frame of reference. It also happens before a particular piece is ready to be seen and editedContinue reading “Why Do the Words Matter?”

Hey Google, what is quality content?

Ask 10 people What is quality content?…get 11 answers! However, when it comes to search rankings, Google is the ultimate judge of our content. They determine whether our sites will be listed on the first page or buried on the tenth page. As all website owners know, the algorithm they use to make that decisionContinue reading “Hey Google, what is quality content?”

What is a Brand?

This one is a bit of fun! I’ll admit it…I’m a sucker for quotations. So, here’s at least a partial answer to this question using some of my favourite quotes from speakers, authors, and business folk. The very last quote below is my current favourite! “Branding is the art of aligning what you want peopleContinue reading “What is a Brand?”