#WednesdayWisdom – Certainly I can!

“Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell ’em, ‘Certainly I can!’

Then get busy and find out how to do it.

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States

Searching for your dream job? Looking for a promotion?

Thinking of changing careers? Going back to school?

Have you always wanted to take up photography? Skiing? Writing? The drums?

Regardless of which part of our lives we want to enhance by trying something new, for most of us, there is usually a hesitation, a moment of, ‘What am I thinking? I must be delusional. I’m not that bold | creative | adventurous | daring | athletic | smart | skilled!’

If the situation is career-related, most of us know in the logical part of our brains that our accomplishments to date have been earned, and yet another part of our brain attributes it to good luck or people feeling sorry for you. If it’s taking up a hobby, guess what…it’s OK to suck at it!

We underestimate our ability to adapt, learn, and even have fun! It has a name: IMPOSTER SYNDROME. We might even be sabotaging interviews, promotions, friendships, and more. My blog post Are We Our Own Worst Enemy? talks about some of the ways that we do this verbally by using some very common, but disempowering, phrases.

It’s what everyone is thinking…not just you.

There are lots of resources out there with a wide range of suggestions and advice on how to beat imposter syndrome. Personally, I find it easier to digest things when there is a good dose of humour involved. The best and funniest video I came across researching this blog is a TED Talk by Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founder and co-CEO of the Australian software company Atlassian.

Is there something that you are scared to try? Scared to do? What is it? Will you regret not doing it?

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Take that step outside your comfort zone. Give yourself permission to suck at something new and tell me all about it. It’ll be fun!

You got this!*

*Barring anything reckless, life threatening, or incredibly ill-advised, of course.

Unlike wild bears, feeding the content creator is encouraged! 🙂

© 2021 Tracey Copeland, Rolling Sands Consulting.

Published by tracey copeland

Marketer, Creator, Coach | Brand Communications | Strategic Planning | Talented Leader of Diverse, Cross-functional Teams ― Tracey is an award-winning marketing and communications specialist with a passion for helping others define and reach their goals.

One thought on “#WednesdayWisdom – Certainly I can!

  1. Oh yeah, I think a majority of us tend to doubt ourselves, but I also believe that all of us are much more capable than we give ourselves credit for. And the only way to find our limits is to actually try. Great message here. Thanks for sharing!


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