Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

Screenshot of the Lifehacker article being discussed, "11 Self-Sabotaging Phrases to Drop From Your Vocabulary"; two women sitting and having a conversation.

The answer to this post’s title question is “yes” much too often. This article published on Lifehacker highlights phrases that most of us have used from time to time. They actually reflect our inner doubts, fears, and insecurities even if we they are only in our subconscious at the time.

My personal stumbling block is “I should…” When my inner voice utters this phrase, it’s a highly critical assessment of whatever I’m doing (or not doing). It reflects a negative frame of mind and does nothing to help me reach my goals.

I should get on the treadmill.” NEVER makes me want to hop right up and walk for 45 minutes!

I’m tempted to say “I’ll try…” to avoid these phrases in the future but that opens a whole new can of worms given that phrase is on this list too. Star Wars’ Yoda would not approve! LOL

I think we can combat this self-defeating mindset by giving ourselves a break. Be kind. Let’s make allowances for being the flawed human beings we are and do better tomorrow.

Which one of these 11 phrases is your biggest hurdle?

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