It’s funny how things work out sometimes…

I started this blog to keep my marketing skills sharp and up to date, but also to fill in hours of the day doing something other than binging shows on Netflix and Prime. Like so many, I was laid off in March 2020 due to COVID and I’ve had some extra time on my hands.

I was searching for a job with a company with not much luck for months. So, I decided to throw myself into consulting and basically stopped looking for a corporate role. After all, I figured out that I love consulting. Not surprising really since, in addition to marketing, I love teaching and coaching.

I’ve worked on my business which has been slowly ramping up for a few months. I also began teaching a business credit course at the local Community College in January. It was supposed to be a face-to-face class that turned into an online class because of Omicron. Learning all the tech that goes with online classes, preparing lectures and grading homework all takes up my time.

Things are going well. I’m busy doing things I enjoy. (Well, most of the time…I forgot how long marking students’ assignments can take!)

Fast forward to two weeks ago. I stumbled across a senior marketing role at a very cool manufacturing company. Added bonus?! I used to work with the hiring manager and we worked very well together.

Why am I still interested in a corporate role at all? The one thing that I truly miss right now is working with a great team. It’s not easy but it’s never boring! 😉

So, I decided to focus elsewhere career-wise and now I am in the running for a job that is almost everything I wanted when I was still job searching. But I am loathe to give up consulting or teaching entirely.

So guess what!?! I have absolutely no problem finding worthwhile things to take up my time now!

That now brings us to my primary reason for writing this blog…to explain why I shirked my blog duties throughout January. Busy, busy, busy…sorry! I hope to get back on some kind of schedule in the near future, once I know about this job one way or the other. (OH yeah…and I have to get back on my treadmill. I ate much way too much chocolate over the holidays!)

So, yeah. It’s funny how things work out sometimes…

What’s your story? I would love to hear about your serendipitous, ironic and/or unforeseen twists and turns on your path.

P.S. I have a virtual panel interview for the job tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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Marketer, Creator, Coach | Brand Communications | Strategic Planning | Talented Leader of Diverse, Cross-functional Teams ― Tracey is an award-winning marketing and communications specialist with a passion for helping others define and reach their goals.

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