Perfectionism vs. Excellence

  • We’re only human.
  • No one is perfect.
  • Live and Learn.

Platitudes we often repeat but do we really believe them? For me, these phrases only applied to other people for many years. As a perfectionist, I did not give myself the consideration that I granted others.

Several years ago, I ran a PPC campaign for a manager. It was part of the launch plan for a new product. He hadn’t yet tried this tactic and was ready for something new. We carefully chose keywords and bid amounts and then pressed the proverbial “GO” button with great excitement!

It soon became obvious that we weren’t connecting with the right people. Lots of clicks, very few leads.

Our keywords were simply too generic. We struggled to find more specific language relevant to the product…to no avail. It was time to redirect our efforts and resources.

I was disappointed and apologised for the failure, but the manager viewed our campaign as a successful experiment. It gave us a much better idea as to which of his products were suited to PPC campaigns.

That day, my focus began shifting from a goal of perfection to that of excellence. It has been a bumpy but much more rewarding road.

© 2021 Tracey Copeland, Rolling Sands Consulting. Originally posted to LinkedIn on September 10, 2020.

Published by tracey copeland

Marketer, Creator, Coach | Brand Communications | Strategic Planning | Talented Leader of Diverse, Cross-functional Teams ― Tracey is an award-winning marketing and communications specialist with a passion for helping others define and reach their goals.

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