Everyone is a marketer…

…even if they can’t or don’t want to do marketing. Every person in your organisation can either promote or damage your brand.

Great branding takes teamwork.
Everyone has a part to play in building your brand and maintaining your reputation.

Ideally, everyone in your company knows, understands, and *buys into* your brand story. You build trust and enthusiasm with your *internal* stakeholders in much the same way as you do for your customers.

  • Be open-minded, transparent, fair, and accountable.
  • Ensure that everyone is held to those same standards.
  • Live your brand values. “Do as I do.”
  • Share success stories with the whole company, not just your customers/prospects.
    • It’s amazing how many people miss the best work a company does because they are siloed in a role behind-the-scenes.
  • Make sure that everyone knows why they are important and how they contribute to company goals.
  • Encourage job shadowing to build trust and an understanding of how the whole company comes together to do what it does. They are all on the same team.

Once you have a great company culture, you might want to initiate a formal employee ambassador program, but there are pros and cons. The linked article below offers a nice, quick intro. Is this an untapped marketing resource or too much of a risk factor for your business?


© 2021 Tracey Copeland, Rolling Sands Consulting. Originally posted to LinkedIn on October 15, 2020.

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Marketer, Creator, Coach | Brand Communications | Strategic Planning | Talented Leader of Diverse, Cross-functional Teams ― Tracey is an award-winning marketing and communications specialist with a passion for helping others define and reach their goals.

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