Feedback Matters #3 – How should I respond to online reviews?

What advice do I give to clients who are scared of flipping their online reviews switch ‘On’? Here’s my quick and easy cheat sheet for when they take the plunge. Always say ‘Thank You’ regardless of how mundane, negative, or belligerent the feedback may be. Acknowledging and showing appreciation for a customer taking the timeContinue reading “Feedback Matters #3 – How should I respond to online reviews?”

3 Ways to Love the Data You Got

Many a time I’ve been frustrated with the lack of detailed data available to me. Some organizations are on the data bandwagon but have yet to hook up the horses to the cart. Regardless, you have to work with what you’ve got. Even the most basic data can reveal interesting tidbits about your business or,Continue reading “3 Ways to Love the Data You Got”