Video Production for Marketers Take 4: Before the Shoot – A CHECKLIST

The fourth instalment in a series of posts aimed at demystifying the video production process for the uninitiated marketer.

❒ Build your vision

  • ❒ Define goals
  • ❒ Define target audience
  • ❒ Define messaging
  • ❒ Write your story / script
  • ❒ Write the creative brief and create storyboards

❒ Build a plan

Work with your videographer to make sure everything you / they need will be on set.

  • ❒ Select location(s)
    • Is each location in line with your story, messaging, and brand?
    • Is there enough space to work with while filming?
  • ❒ Lighting
    • What lighting is available? If outdoors, anticipate changes with time of day.
    • What additional lighting will be required?
  • ❒ Scene props / backdrops
    • Which of your products / demos will be needed on set?
    • Do you need a table, chairs, car, skateboard, bucket of water, pom poms, baseball bat, Christmas tree, horse, etc.?
    • Will extra hands be necessary for set up and tear down?
  • ❒ Wardrobe / Makeup / Hair
    • What should the actors wear?
    • How should they look?
    • Will you provide the wardrobe and accessories or will they?
  • ❒ Sound – on video
    • Do you need an external microphone(s)?
    • “Lavalier” lapel microphones?
  • ❒ Sound – ambient noise
    • Will mitigation of ambient noise be necessary on location? Wind, passersby, traffic, etc.?
    • What needs to be done to guarantee good audio?
  • ❒ Other practical stuff to consider…
    • Are there enough electrical outlets?
    • Are there washroom facilities at each location?
    • WATER is a MUST-HAVE on every video shoot, but will you also provide the actors / crew with snacks and/or meals?

This is by no means a complete list. These are some of the “showstoppers” that are easy to forget in the excitement of planning a video shoot. Mostly based on my own trial-and-error experiences as a novice video producer!

Have you ever had a video shoot go spectacularly wrong? Or, go incredibly well? What lessons have you learned from your experience? Please share in the comments!

The next installment is now available. Take 5: Tips & Tricks On Set

© 2021 Tracey Copeland, Rolling Sands Consulting.

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