Video Production for Marketers – Epilogue

I came across an infographic (updated link) today by JLB Media Productions that is a perfect companion to the series of blog posts I wrote on Video Production aimed specifically at marketers and small business owners new to the video genre. The infographic asks the reader to consider 11 Questions to Guide the [Production] ProcessContinue reading “Video Production for Marketers – Epilogue”

Video Production for Marketers Take 6: What the H*ll is B-roll?

The sixth instalment in a series of posts aimed at demystifying the video production process for the uninitiated marketer. Talk to someone in the know about video production and you are bound to hear the expression “B roll”. When I first heard it, the other person slipped it into our conversation while rhyming off aContinue reading “Video Production for Marketers Take 6: What the H*ll is B-roll?”