Help…I Need More Content!

Did you know that October 31st is National Bug Busting Day in the UK? (Bugs as in head lice…blech!) I’ve spent many hours dreaming up content ideas. When I hit a creative lull, leveraging content that already exists is a great way to kick start my brain. Recycle or reimagine your own work. Or lookContinue reading “Help…I Need More Content!”

The Social Dilemma – Where, oh where should I go?

Splendid! You’ve decided to allocate resources to Social Media Marketing. Your next big question is the inevitable: “What platform should I use?” My answer is, once again, “It depends.” Which platform(s) do your clients / prospects use? Which platform(s) suit your marketing content? I suggest starting with just ONE platform to get a feel forContinue reading “The Social Dilemma – Where, oh where should I go?”

Social Media can be scary!

There is such a dazzling array options that many small business owners feel overwhelmed (as do I at times). Several have asked me, “Should I be on social media?” My answer is always, “It depends.” Reason #1 – A social media (SM) account can function as a home page in the absence of a website.Continue reading “Social Media can be scary!”