Video Production for Marketers Take 3 Part 2: Legal Stuff / Stock Imagery

Part 2 of the third instalment in a series of posts aimed at demystifying the video production process for the uninitiated marketer. As I said in Take 3 Part 1, the legal stuff should never be ignored…ever! If you are a small, local business, you might get away with “borrowing” photos, graphics, or video clipsContinue reading “Video Production for Marketers Take 3 Part 2: Legal Stuff / Stock Imagery”

Do I really need a proofreader?

Even though modern apps check for spelling and grammar errors, I spot errors online and in print all the time. If your document is important personally, professionally and/or commercially, you can benefit greatly from a second pair of eyes on your copy. Whether you ask a friend for a favour or get a professional toContinue reading “Do I really need a proofreader?”

Social Media can be scary!

There is such a dazzling array options that many small business owners feel overwhelmed (as do I at times). Several have asked me, “Should I be on social media?” My answer is always, “It depends.” Reason #1 – A social media (SM) account can function as a home page in the absence of a website.Continue reading “Social Media can be scary!”