Why do I need a brand? Part 1

Branding, does it really matter?

As a marketer by trade, this sentence can feel like a personal affront! It’s not of course, but it does highlight why so many businesses have inconsistent, lackluster, and/or nonexistent brand identity. I’ve had to explain the value a strong, consistent brand can bring to any business or organisation, small and large, many times.

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#WednesdayWisdom – Let’s Play!

What does stepping on a Lego brick (ouch!) have to do with your business achieving sustainable success? With dry humour, Martin Reeves, Chairman of BCG Henderson Institute, shares his imagination games—can’t wait to try the ‘Pre-Mortem Game’ myself—in this short TED Talk. Basically, you turn everything on its head and see what happens.

If you try any one of these games, please let me know what you gained from it in the comments!

  • The Anti-Company Game
  • The Maverick Game
  • The Pre-Mortem Game

Go ahead, dump out those Lego bricks, make a mess and get inspired! (You might want to consider wearing some slippers though.) 😉

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